Louisiana State Nurses Association

Benefits of Membership

Nursing is a wonderful profession – ever growing and changing in this complicated world of health care.  It is constantly impacted by changes in the health care environment and by forces in the local, state and national political arena.  These forces impact our profession every day – often without our knowledge.  The mission of the Louisiana State Nurses Association is “to provide leadership that promotes the profession and fosters the means to improve health care for all people.”   LSNA is the organization that represents Registered Nurses across all specialties and practice areas.  In other words, LSNA is" looking outfor all nurses in the state. 

Other benefits of membership are:

Information - The latest Nursing News! Membership includes subscription to American Nurse Today (published By ANA), The American Nurse (ANA's bi-monthly magazine), The Pelican News (LSNA's quarterly magazine), The Insider (LSNA's electronic newsletter) as well as other national, state and district publications. ANA also provides access to their extensive Website, NursingWorld.org, which contains a "plethora" of information. The LSNA Website, www.lsna.org posts information about LSNA, a calendar of events, position papers, continuing education offerings, the LSNA Career Center, district information and links to other relevant Websites.

ANA and LSNA sponsor conventions, conferences and other programs designed to meet nursing needs and provide a forum for networking.

Representation - Organizing nursing's political voice! ANA and LSNA work for you in the legislative arena to advance legislation important to nursing, addressing issues from Patient’s Rights to Workplace Rights. From Capitol Hill to your local community, LSNA has a strong presence in the political arena and monitors proposed legislation which could impact the health of the public and/or nursing. LSNA provides up-to-date legislative information to nurses and nursing groups in order to inform them of issues in their areas requesting their presence and expertise on potential impactful legislative matters.

Protection – Covering your personal and professional needs! Membership benefits include the opportunity to participate in specially selected insurance programs. Programs range from professional liability insurance to medical, health, dental and even Long Term Care insurance.

Career Center – LSNA Career Center is offered to provide nurses the forum to post their resumes and also to search for employment within the nursing field.Member Discounts for ANA/LSNA members include but are not limited to:

  • ANCC certification and recertification in more than 25 specialty areas
  • ANCC Review/Resource Manuals
  • www.nursebooks.org
  • Insurance plans
  • Avis and Budget Car Rental
  • Crocs Shoes
  • Dell Computers
  • Lands End Merchandise


Dues revenues are divided between the district, state and national levels.  These funds pay for administrative costs such as staff salaries including the LSNA Lobbyist, program services, publications and nurse advocacy activities.


Yearly Dues

Monthly Dues







State Only






Descriptions of Membership

M - Full Membership: Membership in and benefits of the American Nurses Association, Louisiana State Nurses Association and LSNA District Association

R - Reduced Membership: Includes membership in and benefits of the American Nurses Association, Louisiana State Nurses Association and LSNA District Association

LA State Only Membership: Includes membership in and benefits of the Louisiana State Nurses Association and LSNA District Association

Categories of Membership

Full Membership

  • Employed Full or Part Time

Reduced Membership

  • Not Employed
  • New Grad (New graduate from basic nursing education program, within six months after graduation. First membership year only.)
  • Full Time Student (Registered Nurse in full-time studies)
  • Totally disabled

Methods of Payment:

Full Annual Payment

  • Check
  • MasterCard/Visa/
  • EFT (draft from checking account, credit card or debit card)
  • Debit Card

Monthly Payment

  • Electronic Dues (Draft from Checking Account)

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The links below will take you to ANA’s secure online membership application.  Please complete the information requested, enter your credit card information and submit electronically using ANA’s secure server.  Only Visa or MasterCard orders will be accepted online.  Payment by check must be submitted via regular U.S. mail.

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