LANPAC is a voluntary, unincorporated, non-profit organization of nurses and others interested in political action involving nursing and the health needs of people.  It shall be politically non-partisan and operate in conformity with the bylaws, policies and platforms of LSNA.  As the political action arm of the Louisiana State Nurses Association it is allowed to raise money to contribute to candidates running for political office.

LSNA Health Policy Committee

The Health Policy Committee initiates legislative action under the direction of the Board of Directors as appropriate to promote nursing or improve health care to the citizens of Louisiana. Among the responsibilities for the Committee, the group will:

  • Recommend a position on legislation related to nursing and healthcare issues to the Board of Directors.
  • Develop and disseminate lobbying strategies for LSNA.
  • Keep membership informed about important legislation pertinent to nursing.

Current Legislative Activity

The 2017 regular session of the Louisiana Legislature will convene April 10 and will adjourn on June 8.  As it is an odd numbered year the regular session will focus predominantly on fiscal related issues.

LSNA will take positions on issues related to nursing and the health of Louisiana’s citizens.  Check back here for position statements as they are developed.  All position statements will be shared here.