About LSNA


LSNA is the State affiliate for the American Nurses Association and is considered the voice of professional nursing in Louisiana. LSNA is the only organization that represents all nurses regardless of education, specialty, work setting, or position.


The mission of LSNA is to foster high standards for professional nursing practice for all Registered Nurses and advocate for quality healthcare for the citizens of Louisiana.


Be a respected voice for registered nurses and recognized as a relevant partner in health care delivery.


LSNA provides a variety of services:

  • Retains Legislative Representation
  • Promotes Advanced Practice Nursing
  • Presents Nurse Day
  • Defends the Nurse Practice Act
  • Supports Nightingale Awards
  • Maintains CE Provider/Approval Program
  • Supports Louisiana Action Coalition (LAC)
  • Provides National Representation
  • Supports the La. Nurses Foundation (LNF)
  • Distributes Quarterly Pelican News to all Nurses
  • Sends the Monthly Insider to All Members
  • Member discounts


The functions of LSNA include:

  • To promote, through appropriate means, standards of nursing education and nursing services as defined by the American Nurses Association
  • To promote adherence to the code of ethical conduct for practitioners established by the American Nurses Association (ANA)
  • To promote legislation and speak for nurses in regard to legislative action.
  • To provide for the continuing professional development of practitioners.
  • To provide for organization and function of nursing practice interest groups as indicated.
  • To provide services to District Nurses Associations (hereinafter referred to as DNAs) and members.
  • To maintain communication with DNAs and members.
  • To represent nurses and serve as their spokesman with allied professional, community and governmental groups and the public.
  • To provide for representation in the ANA Membership Assembly.
  • To promote relationship and collaboration with the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses.
  • To facilitate the professional nurse in creating a safe and uncompromised work environment in which to deliver quality patient care.


LSNA is comprised of thirteen District Nurses Associations that represent the registered nurses in their geographical area. LSNA is led by a nine-member Board of Directors (BOD) that are elected by the delegates in attendance at the biennial convention.
The BOD consists of the Executive Committee of four Officers and five Director positions that have voting rights. The decisions of the Board are bound by the Association by-laws and the established policies.

LSNA State Office

LSNA maintains an office in Baton Rouge, just steps away from the Louisiana Capitol. Under the governance of the Board of Directors, the Executive Directors carries out the operations of the organization including long term planning and visioning.  The Executive Director leads a small but dedicated team on behalf of the LSNA and the Louisiana Nurses Foundation.

Contact us:
543 Spanish Town Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
P: 225.201.0993
F: 225.381.0163
E: lsna@lsna.org

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/LouisianaStateNurses 

Board of Directors

President: Georgia Johnson
Pres.-elect: Patrick Reed
Secretary: Danita Potter
Treasurer: Barbara Morvant
Dir. Transition to Practice: James Luce II
Dir. Leadership/Prof. Develop.: Sue Delaune
Dir. Organizational Advancement: Deborah Spann
Dir. Clinical Practice/Advocacy: Patricia LaBrosse
Dir. Membership: Jackie Hill

(Front L-R) Keeley Harmon, Norlyn Hyde, Carol Tingle (Back Row L-R) Rose Schaubhut, Amanda Bolton, Debe Garbee, Georgia Johnson, Jackie Hill, Stephanie Pierce, Pete Keller.

LSNA Committees

Committee membership is established every two years based on volunteers.

Audit Committee – conduct an annual audit of LSNA income and expenses, with the assistance of the certified public accountant
Finance Committee – monitor the fiscal activities of the Association
Membership Committee – develop and promote strategies for membership recruitment and retention
Nominating Committee – identify candidates for vacant positions; prepare ballot
Resolution and Bylaws Committee – develop resolutions and changes to by-laws

LSNA needs volunteers to join these committees and carryout the functions of the organization