Louisiana State Nurses Association

LSNA Mission, Vision, and Philosophy


To foster high standards for professional nursing practice for all Registered Nurses and advocate for quality healthcare for the citizens of Louisiana.

Be a respected voice for registered nurses and recognized as a relevant partner in health care delivery.


Nursing, as an integral and essential component of health care, is a service-oriented profession directed toward meeting the health care needs of society. Nurses, by their special knowledge and skills, perform unique indispensable services in providing health care to the citizens of Louisiana. Nursing, as a profession, has the right and responsibility to define, regulate, and control the practice of nursing.

Nursing encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of human responses during illness and wellness with the aim being both promotion and improvement of health while providing quality health care. To address the multiplicity of responses requires knowledge from the biological, psychological, and social sciences integrated with nursing theory.

Ensuring optimum professional competence in meeting the health care needs of society requires continuous updating of one's education. While professional competence is a personal responsibility, organized systems are necessary to facilitate the promotion of professional competence.

The advancement of nursing competence is contingent upon education, practice, research, and administration. This demands professional intention and commitment to maintaining and upholding professional values and standards in accordance with those proposed by the American Nurses Association.

Specialization is recognized as a vehicle for the advancement of nursing practice in that itpromotes a concentrated theory in a specific area of practice. Such differentiation of nursing dictates that continuing education programs be developed and implemented which speak to the identified and/or expressed needs of the various specialty areas of nursing.

Promoting the advancement of the profession is a primary goal of Louisiana State Nurses Association. In carrying out its mission, programs that have the greatest impact on and for the profession is emphasized.

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