2018 LNF Woodard Nursing Scholarship

How To Write A Successful Scholarship Personal Statement


The intent of the autobiographical or personal essay is to allow the scholarship committee to know you better. The following is provided to assist you in writing your Statement of Motivation to Pursue a Career in Nursing.
Here are some tips on how to approach writing a scholarship personal statement:

  • Typed (Printer Copy) preferred- clear, hand printed statements are acceptable.
  • Grammatically correct, legible, and neat.
  • Written according to the guidelines of the scholarship.
    Example: Write what is required. Write only the number of words or pages required and no more!
  • Capturing the reader’s attention with a distinctive opening to your statement. Be unique.
  • Written honestly, of the heart, about who you are. Be positive.

You need to answer important questions about yourself in your personal statement, as follows:

Where you are going – MOST IMPORTANT:

  • What is your motivation for choosing Nursing as a career?
  • What are your educational and career goals?
  • What do you want to do after you graduate?

Who you are – Examples, include as applicable:

  • Personal & family background
  • Motivation to pursue further education
  • Pursuing a second career or degree?
  • Academic success, ex. Academic honors?
  • Describe any leadership experiences
  • Describe any advocacy experiences
  • Personal interests?
  • Employment?
  • Volunteer & community service?

Finally, be certain to have another trusted person read your statement – looking at grammar, spelling, and attention to the foregoing.

Adapted after Retrieval from: www.collegeparents.org/how-write-successful-scholarship-personal-statement