About LNF

Louisiana Nurses Foundation


The Louisiana Nurses Foundation (LNF) is the research, education, and charitable arm of Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA). Its mission is to advance and support professional nurses in Louisiana. The Foundation was founded in 1986, and since then its primary focus has been to promote professional nursing through awarding academic scholarships, providing professional development, recognizing nursing accomplishments, and establishing and distributing funds for the Nurse Relief Fund.

LNF strives to enhance the quality of professional nursing.

The Foundation achieves this by:

  1. Providing financial support through undergraduate and graduate scholarships and 
  2. Recognizing excellence in the field through the annual awards.

In 2017, LNF awarded over $28,000 scholarships to undergraduate and graduate nursing students to help them with their studies. Through the Nightingale Awards and Gala, LNF recognizes the achievements of nurses and nurse-employers across the state. These competitive awards help to keep the field striving for excellence.

LNF also assists nurses with their needs outside of their work environment to help improve their living conditions and ensuring their safety. The Nurse Relief Fund was established in 2005 in the wake of Katrina to support nurses who were impacted by this catastrophic event. The Nurse Relief Fund continues to impact our state’s nurses, most recently during the 2016 Great Floods. In 2017, LNF took a courageous step and established the Sister Lucie Leonard Recovering Nurse Fund to assist nurses in their substance abuse recovery.