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Your completion of a Nursing Program is a significant achievement. You have endured long hours, demanding clinical rotations, endless papers, and difficult  exams. You are probably experiencing anxiety and doubt as you prepare for licensure exam.

Now the Challenge Begins …


Challenges will continue as you try to find employment. Your preferences for facility, specialty, and rotation may not be available. You will have orientation to complete and you hope it will be sufficient for you to feel comfortable in the work setting. You will have to deal with the realities of the work environment – supervisors, teamwork, difficult personalities, reassignment, OT, scheduling, incivility, intimidation, etc. Despite these challenges, you have selected a respected, rewarding and desirable profession.

  You Need Us          We Need You
This is a critical time in your career in which you need guidance and support from experienced nurses as you continue your professional development.

Membership provides the opportunity for networking, career development, professional development, personal development, promotion and protection of our profession.

To get you started ANA Offers a

Welcome to the Profession Kit

  • Information on Finding the right job
  • Resume Writing/Cover Letter
  • Interviewing
  • Job Outlook for Nurses
  • Social Media and Nursing
  • Taking Care of Yourself


Did you choose nursing just for a job or do you consider nursing a career?

Membership in the Nurses Association is a professional responsibility that provides personal benefits and supports the future of nursing.

LSNA needs your involvement and your perspective. The participation of the younger generation is needed to establish leadership for the future and to protect the long term welfare of nursing.

You can become a member of the National, State and District Associations at a reduced rate.



If you join within six months of graduation you will receive 50% discount