Current Legislative Activity

Special Notice: LSNA calls for Senators to oppose HB 320


HB320 made it to the Senate Health & Welfare Committee this past Wednesday.  The bill, sponsored by the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) and authored by Representative Bagley, is requesting two additional members be added to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN).  The selection and nomination would be managed by LHA, completely circumventing the current application process.  This is the first attempt by an employer/special interest group to openly influence the actions of the LSBN.
The Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA) is opposed to this bill because:
1.    This bill was brought forth with NO input from nursing, including Louisiana Organization of Nursing Leadership (LONL) which is the nurse executive organization within LHA.
2.     There has been no problem identified that needs to be corrected with the current composition of the Board or the process used to submit names to the Governor.
3.      This bill would insert an employer of nurses into the regulation of nursing.
4.       Louisiana registered nurses have been regulating themselves for over 100 years.
5.     Currently ANY Louisiana registered nurse can apply for positions on LSBN without restriction to the employer setting.
Please join LSNA and your nursing colleagues in contacting each member of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, as well as your own senator.  It is critical that we let the legislature know that the century-old process for nursing oversight of our practice isn’t flawed. One of the hallmarks of a profession is self-regulation.  As nurses we can continue to successfully manage the business of our profession and providing excellent care to the patients we have chosen to serve.  Now is not the time for employers, or any other special interest group, to attempt to dictate how nurses care for patients.