Since 1986, the Louisiana Nurses Foundation (LNF) has served as the research, education, and charitable entity of the Louisiana State Nurses Association.  The primary focus of LNF is to promote professional nursing through academic scholarships; professional development; recognizing nursing accomplishments; and supporting nurses through the Nurse Relief Fund and Nurse Recovery Program.

Fund development and promoting corporate and individual partnerships and contributions are a primary source for LNF programs.  Your investment will help us to support all of these important areas for Louisiana’s professional nurses.  The LNF holds tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization; thereby allowing the benefit of tax deductions for contributions in accordance with all IRS regulations and requirements.  (Please note: always consult your tax advisor for additional information)

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License Plates


A great and easy way to support the Louisiana Nurses Foundation is by proudly displaying your Louisiana Nurses Specialty Plate!  For a small fee you can support the foundation and let everyone know how proud you are to be a nurse in Louisiana.  Click here to get your specialty plate online!

The cost of the plate is $50.00 above the normal renewal fee for your vehicle.  This is for a two year period.  All monies collected from the plates will go the Louisiana Nurses Foundation.



Every year, LNF supports the undergraduate and graduate education of outstanding student nurses.  For more information and opportunities on these programs email

Nurse Relief Fund


The Nurse Relief Fund was established in 2005 in the wake of Katrina to support nurses who were impacted by this catastrophic event. The Relief Fund has continued as a partnership of LSNA and the Louisiana Nurses Foundation.

The Relief Fund collected donations in response to the 2016 Floods in Louisiana.  Those funds will be distributed to nurses who demonstrate need due to being impacted by the floods in the near future.   Once again, many nurses were called upon to duty only to find their own homes lost to the disaster. We want to help these deserving individuals!  Faced with the loss of everything, any assistance can make a difference in these nurses and their families lives.