Nurses on Boards & Commissions (NOBC)

Our goal is to improve the health of communities and the nation through the service of nurses on boards and other bodies.

Thank you for your desire to be considered for placement on a board.

Introduction to NOBC


In order to prepare nurses to assume the responsibility of leadership the Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA) and the Louisiana Action Coalition (LAC) have developed a process by which nurses who are interested in serving on Boards and Commissions can gain the knowledge and skills to serve. The purpose of this Statement of Interest is to provide leadership, guidance and education to facilitate nurses on boards and commissions.

By submitting information through this process, including that provided in any uploaded attachment, you are authorizing the Louisiana State Nurses Association and its affiliates to disclose the information you have provided, including Personally Identifiable Information, to third parties who are seeking candidates for non-profit and for-profit boards of trustees or directors and governmental boards and commissions. You also are certifying that the information provided is true and correct. Providing false information or statements will disqualify you from this service.

I agree to have my information provided to third party organizations that are seeking candidates for their boards and consent to be contacted.

Educational Resources – Nurses on Board Training


The Louisiana State Nurses Association is the voice of registered nurses in Louisiana. The mission as it relates to nurses on boards is to foster high standards for professional nursing practice for all Registered Nurses and advocate for quality healthcare of registered nurses on Boards and Commissions that relate to healthcare. In support of that mission and the goal of the Louisiana Action Coalition to increase the presence of nurses on key boards and commissions, the following set of educational resources were developed. The information included reflects a combination of narratives as well as a listing of online and other resources essential to the development of board member expertise. Please review the written content and access the other resources that you feel are appropriate to meet your educational needs.