Health Policy

LSNA Health Policy Committee


The Health Policy Committee initiates legislative action under the direction of the Board of Directors as appropriate to promote nursing or improve health care to the citizens of Louisiana. Among the responsibilities for the Committee, the group will:

  • Recommend a position on legislation related to nursing and healthcare issues to the Board of Directors.
  • Develop and disseminate lobbying strategies for LSNA.
  • Keep membership informed about important legislation pertinent to nursing.



Our legislative affairs team employs several methods to promote our positions on important nurse and healthcare issues to lawmakers. One such tool we have is LSNA’s Political Action Committee, or commonly referred to as, LANPAC.

LANPAC was established as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for professional nurses to raise funds to support the candidacies and grassroot efforts of those that understand the importance of the most trusted healthcare provider available to the citizens of Louisiana— professional nurses.