Joe Ann Clark Graduate Nursing Education Award




The Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA) offers this award to honor Dr. Joe Ann Clark for her distinguished career in professional nursing in Louisiana. Dr. Clark exemplifies the highest values of the nursing profession and is recognized for her significant contributions in nursing leadership and education.


This year, LSNA was honored to receive scholarship funds from the American Nurses Foundation entitled the American Nurses Foundation Scholarship. LSNA has directed these funds for the Joe Ann Clark Graduate Nursing Education Award.

The goal of this award is to provide financial support to registered nurses pursing graduate education for preparation as nurse educators  in an academic environment. The award is made on a competitive basis to professional nurses enrolled in an accredited graduate nursing program. This award is offered on an annual basis when possible. Recipients may receive this financial award one time only. The award this year is $1,500 to help defray Spring, 2020 academic expenses. Full time or part-time students in Masters, post-Masters, or Doctoral programs, whether on-site or on-line, may apply.

The most deserving recipient will be selected based on the established criteria and potential commitment to ongoing contributions to teaching & leadership in the nursing community. Recipients will be notified by January 2019. Financial arrangements for this award will be managed through the Louisiana Nurses Foundation (LNF).


All information requested in the application process must be typed using the application forms available by clicking here. Additionally, applicants must complete Biographical Narrative and Reference Form. The application must be completed in entirety, with hard copy mailed and postmarked by the published DEADLINE of midnight on November 8, 2019. The recipient will agree to provide academic progress updates and upon program completion, provide data on employment and related professional activities for a period of two years following the award.


  1. Hold a current, unencumbered license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Louisiana.
  2. Students pursuing a nursing education track and having a nursing education focus to qualify them as academic nursing faculty in Louisiana are encouraged to apply.
  3. Be admitted without conditions/fully matriculated in a graduate nursing program that is nationally accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE, whether on-line or on-site. Preference will be given to applicants with enrollment in a Louisiana graduate nursing program.
  4. Although not required, preference will be given to those with current ANA &/or LSNA membership.
  5. Demonstrated competence in graduate study as evidenced by successful completion of at least 6 total graduate hours of course work.
  6. Evidence of a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or greater (on a 4.0 point scale) on all graduate coursework as reflected on an official academic transcript.
  7. Using the posted Application Reference Form, provide two (2) signed & completed confidential professional reference forms:  one (1) from an immediate supervisor in the employment setting  and one (1) from a graduate nursing faculty member, who can attest to potential for success in completing graduate study,  and potential for teaching, and commitment to nursing.
  8. Validation of Louisiana residency by attachment of copy of driver’s license or voter registration. (If residency is unclear, additional information/documentation may be requested.)
  9. Submit a Biographical Narrative form (using posted format) reflecting professional nursing education, experience, leadership and professional nursing activities.
  10. Provide a statement of student Funding History/Financial Resources (using posted format) for graduate study.
  11. Complete a Personal Statement (using posted format) of professional motivation and goals for pursuing a graduate degree in nursing education.
  12. Provide dates on which the academic program began, along with the projected date for degree completion.


Hard copies of the completed application and ALL supporting documentation must be mailed and postmarked to LSNA by the stated DEADLINE OF 12 Midnight ON, NOVEMBER 8, 2019. No faxed materials will be accepted, nor will late applications be reviewed. Note the Scholarship Application Checklist and Required Attachments provided with application materials. If you have questions, contact LSNA at 225-201-0993, or by email at:


LNF Scholarship & Awards Committee, LSNA 

2018 Joe Ann Clark Award

543 Spanish Town Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70802