LANPAC was established as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for professional nurses to raise funds to support the candidacies and grassroot efforts of those that understand the importance of the most trusted healthcare provider available to the citizens of Louisiana— professional nurses.

What is LANPAC?


It is a voluntary non-profit organization of nurses and others interested in political action involving nursing and the health needs of people. It shall be politically non-partisan and operate in conformity with the bylaws, policies and platforms of LSNA. As the political action arm of the Louisiana State Nurses Association it is allowed to raise money to contribute to candidates running for political office.

LANPAC Annual Meeting to be held April 2019


This meeting will be held in conjunction with LSNA’s 201p Membership Assembly  at Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center, 201 Lafayette Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.  More details to be released in early 2019

The election of Board of Trustee members will occur at this annual meeting and is chosen by the voting membership of LANPAC. The board of trustee members to be elected this year (odd year) are the Chairperson and Board of Trustee at large. If you are interested in running for one of these position or if you want to nominate someone for a position, please complete the attached document and submit a short bio about the nominee and return to Lisa Deaton, LANPAC Chair no later than April 5, 2019.

As per the by-laws voting members are those contributors who make an annual contribution of $50.00 or greater.  This year we will be collecting contributions at the annual meeting, or you can pay online by clicking here.  Additionally, you may mail your contribution to Elsie Meaux our current Secretary/Treasurer.


In 2014 the revised by-laws describe the purposes of LANPAC as:

  1. Promote the improvement of the health care of people by raising funds and contributing to the support of candidates for office who have demonstrated an awareness of nursing and health needs of the citizens of Louisiana.
  2. Encourage nurses to become a part of the political process by actively participating in election campaigns.
  3. Publicly endorse candidates and health care legislation.
  4. Encourage nurses to seek elective office.
  5. Assist nurses in organizing to become a powerful, political force.
  6. Disseminate unbiased information on current issues, and on candidates for elective office, their voting records, backgrounds and platforms.

Membership and Contributions

  • Membership – The membership of LANPAC shall consist of contributors who make an annual contribution of $50.00 or greater to LANPAC and have full voting rights.
  • Contributions – Are voluntary and may be made by any nurse or other interested party. All contributions to LANPAC shall be maintained as a separate segregated fund and all expenditures by LANPAC in support of any candidate shall be made from the LANPAC fund and no other source.


In the same year that Louisiana State Nurses Association was created the equivalent of a political action

committee to influence legislation affecting nursing and health care in Louisiana. http://www.dnpprogramsonline.com/louisiana-state-nurses-association

LANPAC was officially formed in 1978 by nurses in the Baton Rouge area. It was originally called VOTING (Voluntary Organization to Involve Nurses in Government). The purpose of VOTING was to lobby for health care legislation and educate LSNA members regarding the legislative process.

In 1985/1986, upon legal advice and a vote of the membership the purpose and structure of VOTING was changed. At this time the PAC was renamed Louisiana Nurses Political Action Committee (LANPAC). The name change was to reflect the national political action committee of ANA (ANA-PAC). LSNA established a legislative committee to take over some of the activities previously carried out by the PAC, this committee is now known as the Health Policy Committee.