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This section is dedicated to those that have recognized the importance of professional membership and have made a commitment to the mission of LSNA and the future of nursing.

Thank you for making this choice!

By Laws Access the current by-laws that outline the rules and regulations that guide the operations of the organization. Learn about elected positions, house of delegates, DNA requirements, etc.
Strategic Plan Access the action plan that was developed to steer the strategic direction of LSNA in meeting identified goals.
Minutes Access minutes to the quarterly Board of Directors’ Meetings.
Reports Access the Annual Report provided by Officers, Directors, Committees and Districts at the end of each year.
Feature Articles Access articles on topics relevant to nursing practice that are composed by leaders in the field that are members of LSNA.
Insider Access issues of the monthly newsletter, the Insider that is sent to members only.
Discounts Access the discounts that are available to members.