Nurse Leadership Initiatives

Nurse Leadership Initiatives


LSNA is committed to the development and recognition of professional nurses as leaders.
This is achieved through four initiatives:

  • Identify and promote Nurses as leaders and agents for change.
  • Facilitate and promote leadership development opportunities for nurses
  • Recognize and honor Nurse Leaders’ achievements and accomplishments
  • Promote transition to practice and association engagement for new graduates.
  • Association Management

    Assuming leadership positions at the district or state-level is an excellent way to develop leadership skills that can facilitate career advancement. We seek new leadership, especially young, energetic, enthusiastic novices.

  • Nurses on Boards/Commissions

    In keeping with the national initiative, LSNA in collaboration with the Louisiana Action Commission (LAC), is initiating the strategic plan for vetting nurses for positions on boards/commission. During the legislative session, we actively seek the inclusion of LSNA representation, as appropriate, when bills are introduced.

  • American Nurses Advocacy Institute (ANAI)

    LSNA and the Louisiana Nurses Foundation co-sponsor a LSNA member to attend a three-day course in Washington, DC followed by a prestigious year-long mentored program for the purpose of developing nurses into political leaders while expanding the grassroots capacity for the nursing profession and health care.

  • Nurse Leadership Institute (NLI)

    LSNA supports the annual five-day training program sponsored by the Louisiana Action Coalition. Individuals completing the Nurse Leader Institute will be eligible to participate in a nine-month mentorship program during which each will be matched with an experienced nurse leader in their area of practice/interest. Those nurse leaders successfully completing both the Nurse Leader Institute and the mentorship program are recognized at the annual Louisiana Nurses Foundation Nightingale Gala.

  • Recognition

    There are several methods to recognize the contributions of nurses – LSNA Leading Way Awards, LSNA Fellow, Nightingale Awards and Nursing Hall of Fame. (see rewards and recognition)

  • Transition to Practice

    LSNA established a Board position to work with student nurses. The Director of Transition to Practice must met the requirement of new to the profession of nursing with seven or fewer years of experience. This position promotes transition from member of Louisiana Association of Student Nurses to LSNA member by serving as LSNA Consultant to the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses, developing strategies to increase new graduate membership, coordinating LSNA participation at LASN Convention, maintaining student nurse recruitment materials, and coordinating contact with new member graduates. LSNA contributes $1,000 annually to the LASN Convention, sets up a display and provides speakers.